Breakthrough to Healing

Formerly Heal My Past

Imagine feeling 80% better than you do right now!
Imagine the past no longer hurting you.
Imagine the present no longer overwhelming you.
Imagine the future no longer scaring you.
What do you imagine you'll feel like then...

Hello! I invite you to join me in my next round of Breakthrough to Healing, which offers you a wealth of insights, strategies, tools and practices designed to allow you to heal the trauma and drama of your past and help you reclaim your heart, your light and your life.

Did you know that pain is inevitable, suffering is optional?

I know from personal experience that childhood trauma at the hands of those who were supposed to love, care for and protect you can lead to a life of pain and suffering.

It's even more challenging when, as an adult, you experience pain and discontent because you haven't healed your past hurts. You choose unhealthy love dynamics, live with poorly defined boundaries, fail to respect your values or worse yet aren't even able to identify your values and boundaries.

I grew up in a home with substance abuse, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. Because that was my childhood "normal", I lived much of my early adult life with the devastating results of having no self worth, intense emotional pain, displaced anger and toxic shame. And that was my adult "normal".

I did my best to ignore it and move from day to day in the best way I knew how. I didn't change. I didn't heal. And I didn't think about what I really needed. I was in pain. I couldn't trust others. I sabotaged good relationships and chased after bad ones. I was a hot mess.

Being an adult means unlearning all of the unproductive, unhealthy and downright harmful lessons and behaviors that we’ve picked up along the way. So that we can become more of who we really are truly meant to be. To become self-actualized.

That’s why I’ve created Breakthrough to Healing and am giving you the classes, workshops and support you need to help you heal in as little as a 4 weeks!

I want you to get out from the shadow of your past and into your healthy, loving and joyous future.

If you’ve got any questions about the course, drop me an email at and I’ll be in touch ASAP.

Looking forward to seeing you.

heal grief and loss

Who would you be without your pain?

Ultimately, you are limited by your pain and trauma. I know I was. It was the thing that kept me stuck in an ongoing cycle of:

  • Financial chaos
  • Bad relationships
  • Unhealthy work circumstances
  • Family cycles of abuse and drama
  • Poor health

You'll Heal

  • All of your painful emotional baggage; Anger, Sadness, Pain, Hurt, Shame, Grief, etc.
  • The frightening feelings that keep you from your fabulous future like Frustration, Fear, Regret, Guilt, Jealousy and Anxiety.
  • The toxic thoughts that were created when you were being mistreated - these are the limiting beliefs that began when you were told you "deserved" to be treated this way or you doubted you deserved any better.


  • Identify and integrate your core values, the things that are most important to you now.
  • Set specific measurable goals for this program and for your life. You'll be able to see very clearly how you heal and where change has taken place.
  • Identify and course correct your limiting beliefs and decisions. You'll live in a state of "I AM", "I CAN", "I HAVE" and "I DO".


  • Master 3 tools to guarantee you never have to feel this way again - ever.
  • Nurture a healthy sense of self. You'll know your value and own your values. You'll adapt strategies for commanding respect from everyone in your world.
  • Understand how to apply these tools to every area of your life based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, truly creating Life Success.

Imagine what healing feels like for a moment...

Think about being able to access memories that were once too painful, too difficult, too frustrating to look at.

Your new healthy, healed state will trigger ZERO NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL RESPONSE to the very memories that once held you hostage. Zero negative emotional response. Not today, not tomorrow, and most importantly, not ever again.

You keep the memories, that's where the learnings are held. You release the negative painful emotions.

You'll feel unlimited... deserving... healthy... happy... whole... NOW IMAGINE HOW YOU'LL IMPACT YOUR FAMILY, LOVED ONES & YOUR COMMUNITY WITH THAT NEW POWERFUL STATE. This is what you'll teach your children, your partner, your coworkers and friends. You'll teach them boundaries, your values and more importantly your value.

Life just gets better when you Breakthrough to Healing

Course Overview

Change Your Life with Breakthrough to Healing


WEEK ONE: Behavior is learned

Build a clear picture of your behavioral history and patterns. Then we'll identify the habits, thoughts or beliefs that are taking you away from who you are meant to be, and what you need and want. Identify where the “slippery slope” is for you and then learn to avoid it in the future.


WEEK TWO: Change and choice

It all comes down to two things. Change and choice. As a child you did not have the capacity or understanding required to make either of these things happen. As an adult, you may not have learned this either. I'll walk you through the strategies you need to take back your choices and make changes in your world.


WEEK THREE: Take back your power

Learn exactly what it takes to be in control of your life, your destiny and your happiness. Then take the steps necessary to make it happen. Then, we'll walk through the healing steps to release the negative emotions that have held you back in your life.


WEEK FOUR: What do you value?

Identify your conscious and subconscious needs, wants and values. These are the things that bring meaning to who you are and what you do in your life. Get crystal clear on the differences. And understand why compromising your values will never bring you happiness.


WEEK FIVE: What are you saying?

Learn the power of language and most importantly your self-talk. Understand why life success will only come when you match your intentions, thoughts and actions with your needs, wants and desires.


WEEK SIX: Establish healthy boundaries

Reset your mindset and your approach to life, aligning your behaviors with your core values. Let's make sure you don't get sidetracked by other people's perceptions of you. Learn how to own it all - your heart, your emotions, your mind and your future.


WEEK SEVEN: The other healing tools

Together, we'll through all six healing strategies designed to help you  Breakthrough to Healing. You'll get the blueprints and instruction you need to understand the process using all six and you'll be able to master at least three of them - you'll be able to guarantee your life success.


WEEK EIGHT: Help me hold this feeling forever and AMA

Take care of you first and the rest will fall into place. You'll adopt self-care practices to ensure stress, criticism, conflict and disappointment never overwhelm you again. Learn when to take corrective action to ensure you never get stuck feeling those soul-killing feelings again. And we'll end the program with an Ask Me Anything session.

How it works

Imagine you have a mentor who is specifically trained to help guide you to your true north... to your ability to connect with what is best for you.  I'll be sharing content intentionally designed to help you heal your past and heal in real time on our weekly Live Webinar. We'll also have Live dynamic group discussion and 1:1 time to focus on your personal growth and development needs.

Unable to make the LIVE webinar or call? We got you covered. We'll send the links.

Meanwhile, you'll have access to "Office Hours" and an online community where you'll find additional support and inspiration during your intuitive development journey.

90-minute Live Webinar
Video recording access released

30-minute Live interactive Q&A and spotlight coaching call
Audio recording access released

Every other Sunday (schedule may vary)
30-minute "Office Hours" Live interactive chat on FB Group

Every other Friday (schedule may vary)
60-minute 1:1 Coaching call with me

Choose Your Path

Breakthrough to Healing offers you three course delivery options
to meet your individual healing needs.


Work at your own pace

Self-study route with minimal intervention from me. All materials (workbooks, webinar links, audio mp3s and handouts) are delivered digitally.

Perfect if you’re on a budget, or you want to work your way through the course at your own pace, or perhaps you’re not ready to share your healing needs openly.

Group Support

Be part of a community

Benefit from peer wisdom and greater accountability. Digital delivery of materials  (workbooks, webinar links, audio mp3s and handouts), live access to webinar modules and weekly group calls throughout the program.

I'll answer questions and provide feedback at each step, plus access to office hours and our private online community.

Ideal if you want guidance and input from me, but don’t need to be individually coached through the program.

Personally Guided

Get mentorship and coaching

You've got me as your success and accountability partner! I'll help you get things moving and personally guide you through your program. Digital delivery of materials (workbooks, webinar links, audio mp3s and handouts) and live access to webinar modules.

Includes: four one-hour deep dive coaching calls with me; detailed personal feedback along with personalized action items and development tasks; email support and my private phone number with text access for questions; and access to our private online community.

Perfect if you're able to be coached and want to make massive change in record time!

Heal the Hurts that Are Holding You back

We've Closed the Doors on This Round

and don't forget the extras

you get bonuses when you pay in full


Pay in full at least 7 days before the launch date and get a 30-minute clarity session (Skype or phone) with me! I'll help you fine-tune your findings from the program so that you can better find your best relationship. You'll also receive a swag bag filled with inspirational art, meditations and more. Bonus value worth over $325.



Pay in full at least 7 days before the launch date and get a 60-minute clarity session (Skype or phone) with me! I'll help you fine-tune your findings from the program so that you can better find your best relationship. You'll also receive a swag bag filled with inspirational art, meditations and more. Bonus value worth over $575.

Pay in Three Months

Traditional therapy can be inconvenient, painful, time consuming, ineffective and expensive.


Breakthrough to Healing offers a No Risk, Money Back Guarantee.

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We've Closed the Doors on This Round

Kimberly Rinaldi

Don't take Chances with Your Emotional Health & Wellbeing



I've taken the deep well of experience, expertise and insight that I’ve gained from relationships, healing and my vast toolkit of resources -- mindset shifts, therapeutic processes, success strategies, self healing, road-testing ideas, interviewing thousands of experts, writing books and articles, teaching courses, working with clients and more -- and put it into Breakthrough to Healing so that you can do the work, with the support and guidance  you need to get from here to healed.


"The tools I learned from Kimberly I use on a daily basis and I truly believe that I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance. ."

— Disa
Santa Monica, Ca

"Kimberly has helped me in many ways. I am now connected to life and living life to the fullest. She has many techniques to achieve quick long lasting results."

— Juan
Hacienda Heights, Ca

"I have begun an incredibly beautiful spiritual journey working with Kimberly Rinaldi. Her guidance, dedication and commitment to her students results from the unconditional love to her work. Kimberly gives so unselfishly of herself!"

— Lorenzia
Diamond Bar, Ca


We've Closed the Doors on This Round